Wednesday, March 21, 2012

omg it's Spring!!

It's Officially Spring!! Though it's been unseasonably warm 'round her the last couple weeks, and today it feels like June or July.

But as much as I love this warm weather, it means sitting inside crocheting scarves and hats and things just isn't practical. Who wants to think about snow when it's so beautiful outside?

Add to that fact that I work in an air conditioned office, so while sundresses and sleeveless tops are the most comfortable outside and at home, it get's chilly. The solution? I'm crocheting myself a cute little shrug! I found this pattern at FaveCrafts that I like, but true to form I'm only a few rows in and I've already altered it. :P

It's just that the yarn I'm using is finer than the yarn they suggested, so I'm also using a smaller hook and had to start out with a lot more stitches. (I'm using Serenity Garden from the Deborah Norville Collection in Crocus. aka a really pretty variegated purple yarn) So mine will look similar, but with smaller holes, and who knows what else i'll tweak. 
You'll have to wait and see!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Idle Hours Bring Gray Flowers

Weekends are going to be much easier to update now that I'm working again. But I took some time off (*gasp* I know) because my wrist started to bug me. And I've been working a bit on the secret project again too. Which should be finished in a few weeks (yay!) and then will just go off the radar until the big reveal. 

For tonight, I'm just posting a little something I whipped up. Gray is one of my more recent favorite colors, so I made a flower to put in my hair. It's an upgrade on a flower I made last summer, and super easy. Maybe I'll write up a pattern for it? 

I love how flat it is. Not an obnoxious lump on the side of my head.