Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Excuses excuses

I know, I know, I missed a week. But I've been busy. Well kinda. Mostly I've been logging major hours into my biggest project, which is also a secret. It's almost (ish done) but a very time consuming project. As you will see.....someday. I can't tell you when. *so mysterious!*

But I've also been working on a few other little things which are here.

To begin, I made a couple little domestic goodies for my mom.
I've been playing around with some new things, so I used patterns for these. 

First, it's a removable / washable Swiffer cover! It can also be reversed for a more flat / scrubby side if you so choose. The tie and bow to keep it on tight was my contribution, but you can find the pattern here. Also, I used one kind of yarn, (variegated) instead of two.

Second, a pot holder. My mom is a big fan of red and black. Can you tell? The pattern calls for 4 colors, but I tweaked it for just the 2. You can find the pattern I started with here.

Last but not least, a little kitschy decorative pillow, for a special guy I know. He's a big fan of Halo, and was rather psyched. No pattern, just a very pixelized picture and some graph paper. 

In other news, I started a new job today. Woo! So far, I really like it, but it's definitely going to cut into my hooking time. So we'll have to see what happens. Have a good week!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Creepy Cute

I'm going to level with you. Creative as I may be, I can't draw.
Okay....if I really try I can come up with something better than a stick figure, but I've been surrounded by artists for most of my life, and I know it isn't a strength of mine.

But being a band geek/creative type has its perks, and I know my fair share of artists. One such artist is someone I went to high school with whom I've been a fan of for years. Her name is Anna Lisa, and she's got her own artsy blog here. (Most recently Anna Lisa started writing a webcomic called Minus the Laugh Track. It's pretty sweet if I do say so myself.)

Anna Lisa has this character she's been drawing forever called Emilin, and she's got purple hair, and is overall just super creepy cute. (She even has an older version of Emilin as a wicked tattoo)
So sometime after I started crocheting, I decided I wanted to crochet her. So I did. It's a project I've been working on here and there for a while, but she's finally done. Ta da!! I absolutely love how it turned out. How bout you?

(I know the colors are a bit  off, but I was trying to make her hair show up on camera the same color as it really is and the pics weren't really behaving.) 

I worked mainly from these two pictures of Anna Lisa's (the second picture is a doll she made. An illustration printed onto fabric I believe).

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Have I Gone Mad?

"Have I gone mad?" -The Mad Hatter
 "You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are." - Alice

If you've been paying any attention, this is the first post that is more than a week after the last. Technically only 8 days, but lets face it, I thrive on technicalities. Since my goal was one or more posts per week, and Thursday is still part of this week (technically), I don't really have to fret. 

What I really need to do is nail down what day of the week I will always post by, but I really like flexibility, so I'm not sure that's ever going to happen. My last few were on Wednesdays, so I'm going to say that that's my goal, but not 100% all the time (I'll probably shoot for Tuesday next week to make up for this week being "late").

ANYway. The reason I didn't post anything yesterday is because I spent a lot of time this past week finishing up the plans, and actually starting my secret project -which of course is secret so I cant give you any details :( -and don't have anything finished to show you.

So instead, I'm going to tell you a little story. About how I went crochet crazy. 

I learned how to crochet my first semester in college when my roommate found an easy pattern for a hat made from 5 granny squares stitched together like an open box. I didn't like all the fuss of 5 pieces, so I tweaked the pattern for my own purposes, and proceeded to make (at least 6 more). 

To the left is just one example. (yes, my hair is in about a zillion little braids under the hat. but hey, it's college. also, i'm a natural blonde. who woulda thunk?)

So after I went mad from hatting, I went looking for something a bit more challenging. I was rushing Kappa Kappa Psi (National Honorary Band Fraternity) and thought it would be the coolest thing ever to give my Big Brother a plush Psyduck (the pokemon) with greek letters on his chest.
Kappa Kappa Psi-duck. Get it? 

Anyway, a quick Google search brought me to the fabulous blog by Wolfdreamer who had written a pattern for Psyduck!! So that definitely happened. 

I also used Wolfdreamer's pattern for a Raichu, and a Mario Mushroom, though I don't have pictures for those. But the point is I was hooked. I started to make up my own patterns (toys and clothing alike) and I haven't looked back. I absolutely love giving people gifts, and it's just so much more fun when they're handmade. Don't you think?