Tuesday, June 26, 2012

OMG, she's Married!!

So the Super Secret Project I've been teasing you about for months is finally here!

Tah dah! It's an afghan!

The reason I didn't give any details before is that it was a wedding gift for a close friend of mine, and it needed to be a surprise. It would have been obvious. Purple and orange are the couples respective favorite colors, and what other occasion would I make an afghan like this for?

My original plan was to make a more traditional "crochet afghan" out of grannys stitched together and a border, but ever design I found or came up with on my own just seemed too old fashioned, both for me (I'm a big fan of all things modern) and for the newlyweds. I mean, the bride is 3 days older than me. I'm not her Granny (haha). 
Also, the idea of hiding all those ends.....well, it was overwhelming to say the least. I'll do an afghan like that eventually, just not quite yet. 

While designing the original afghan, I made a few test squares, and fell in love with one granny in particular called the Chocolate Box, which is where the inspiration for the final afghan design came from. 

The border is my own creation. Intricate and "fancy" while keeping with the simple lines and modern vibe of the whole piece. I also did an adaptation of the Tunisian stitch all the way around for the final finish.

A few more angles:

Look how small it folds up! Crazy right? When I spread it all out to take pictures after I finally finished it, even I couldn't believe how much work I put into it. I was like...."are you sure I did all that?"
Just another reminder why I only crochet for people I care about, and not for money. You can't put a price on something made with love!!

~Yes, I know I suck at posting on a regular basis. But I like to post when I have something to show off, so let's not talk about it anymore. (Also, I procrastinate, and since there are no deadlines here, well, life happens.)

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