Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm Employable, I Swear.

With classes starting next week and bills for said classes looming (not to mention other more non-essential things I would like to spend money on), I need a job. STAT.

Job hunting is interesting. You get a lead on one job, and start to feel really good about it, and dawdle with other leads because you don't want to pass up the first one. Then, inevitably, something goes wrong and that first job goes up in smoke. So you gotta buckle down again and go at everything you have with a little more oomph. Until another job starts to seem like a real possibility....and you start the whole thing over. Or maybe it's just me that does this. 

Then there's the fact that so much of job hunting these days is done online. Job placement services and chain stores alike just turn you away to go fill out their applications online. The fact that you made yourself presentable and drove out to talk to someone in person, because you would really like a job now [or yesterday would be nice] doesn't mean anything to these people anymore! So you have to stay at home, which is seemingly more convenient  and sift through the endless web of legit jobs and total scams online. Also, you need to do all of this without being too distracted by Facebook, Pinterest, or the fact that all three of your pets want attention, and oh crap, the internet just decided to get glitchy. 

I swear I can do this!!

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