Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello Sunshine!

I'm back! Where was I you ask? Well, nowhere really. I just took a wee break. Lot's of things going on around here and I needed some readjustment time. It was also nice to give my wrists a break (they get sore when I'm in super crochet mode for weeks).

How pretty are these flowers?
I love spring!
This week is looking a little empty though, so I'm getting my butt back into crochet gear. I'm super close to finishing the afghan for my mom, just in time for her birthday! So that's priority number one, and then I want to finish up the Companion Cube and the golf club head cover I've been working on. All preferably by the end of June, so make sure to watch for pics and updates on instagram & ravelry!

And to everyone who's been checking in and reading while I was a way: Thank You Thank You THANK YOU!!!!

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