Thursday, April 4, 2013

Crochet for your Cat ~ That won't make him hate you.

We've all seen it, someone learns how to crochet clothing like items, and decides to take it out on their furry friend. There are pictures all over the internet of mad angry cats wearing sweaters, hoodies, and any number of hats. 

Way back in early 2012 I pointed out the oddity that yarn people are usually cat people. And this seems to be the natural progression for someone who loves to create with yarn, and loves their cat. BUT NOT TODAY. I'm here to tell you that you can create things your cat will LOVE, without putting him through public humiliation (or giving him a reason to hate you). 

First. Does your kitty wear a collar? (Like all good kitties should?)
Then you should spice up your kitty's style with a brand new Bowtie!!  It increases your cat's style points by 50 (because bowties are cool). 
It attatches directly to his existing collar which means it's not constricting any part of his body.

Gus Gus loves his!
Doesn't He look Dapper?

Second. Does your kitty like to get into your yarn stash? Does he have a favorite type of yarn? Why not grab some of that and make him something that's okay to play with! I'm talking about this adorable Mouse Toy. I realise that this isn't something your cat can wear, but it is a constructive way for you to release your creative yarn energy into love for your cat. This is also a great pattern if you want to try out a super easy amigurumi project. 

It's even kitty approved!

I haven't even gotten to the best part yet! If you purchace both these patterns together in my Ravelry store before May 1, you'll recieve an automatic $2 off!

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