Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Why Do You Create?

   Although I generally stick to my crochet these days, my large stash of craft supplies portray a much wider variety of crafting that what's limited to yarn and a hook. I've got stacks of chopped up magazines, forgotten origami paper, knitting needles, bits & yards of fabric, rick rack, buttons, jewelry wire, metal washers, beads, plastic lanyard string, spools of colored hemp, unfinished cross stitch and latch hook kits, and an embarrassing number of tabs off of my favorite energy drink. (Though that doesn't stop me from taking that pretty green tab off the can before throwing it into the recycling.)

Not sure if I'm more addicted to the drink,
or just collecting the tabs...
   I grew up creating things. At some point I realized it was more than about just making something in art class. It was for that feeling you get when you give someone a handmade gift knowing it's just for them. Knowing they appreciate the gift more because it's handmade than if you had gone out an bought them something random. Gifts that aren't about the money, only about time, effort and most importantly, the love you put into them. 

   This is where my love, passion, and arguably, skill with a crochet hook grew from. I would estimate that at least 90% of my crochet work ends up wrapped up and tied with a bow for someone I care about. It's actually crazy how much more fun it is for me to make something for some other than myself. Is that the way it is for everyone?

My latest WIP. (It's going to be a baby blanket)

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