Sunday, June 1, 2014

Adventures in Knitting

   Although crochet is where my heart really lies, I learned how to knit about a decade earlier in second grade. The first project I started was a scarf for my American Girl doll (Addy). I say started because I abandoned it halfway through and didn't finish it up again until years later when I was more confident in my skills. In almost 15 years, I've probably made about a dozen scarves. Knitting just never got me hooked like crochet did (pun intended). 
Today however, I embark on a new knitting adventure.

   It all started as I was browsing my
Pinterest feed and came across a shawl that I immediately fell in love with. 

Henslowe by Beth Kling
   As it turns out, even though it was posted on someone's crochet board it was actually knitted. I'll admit I was a little bummed at first. It's so gorgeous, why would someone let me love something so much without letting me know it's not my craft? 

  As a kicker,  I already had the perfect yarn. I bought it off of etsy almost a year ago and it was just screaming at me to make this shawl out of it.

Doctor Who: TARDIS by See Jayne Knit
  So knit or not, I decided to go for it. Here's my first progress shot:


I'm really hoping I can stick it out to the end because the shawl is just so beautiful.
~Wish me luck!!

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