Friday, June 6, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Pins

 I'm starting a new weekly series called A Few of My Favorite Pins. It's going to be a list of the best crochet pins/links from Pinterest out there, curated by me. 

Here's why:
  I love pinterest. Especially for crochet.  In fact, I have so many crochet boards that I took them off of my personal account and gave them their own to connect to this blog.
  The thing about pinterest though is that all too often, we pin and pin and pin, and nothing ever comes of it. We have so many pins, it's just overwhelming!
  So I'm here to pare it down for you.  Each week, I'll pick a topic or theme and give you my 5 favorite pins that fit the theme.  They could be incredible patterns, great tricks of the trade,  or designs that I think are just stunning and everyone needs to see.
  These 5  pins will also be posted to a new board I created on Pinterest called The Best Crochet PinsIf this idea sounds as cool to you as I think it is, get ready for some fun.

  This week's theme is Tricks of the Trade.

Foundation Single Crochet - without a chain. Includes multiple video tutorials.

Pin This!

Wind your own yarn cake (center pull ball)with just a paper towel roll (or toilet paper roll). Here's How!!

Change yarn with this join that's completely invisible!

Pin This!

Finish off your Crochet Project with this invisible professional look.

Make a Granny Blanket that's Rectangle (not square). Here's how to start.

Need more to read?  Check out this post about my latest Pinterest inspired project.
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