Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1 Scarf, 2 Scarf...

That's right. More scarves!! But it's winter people, don't judge. And these two are special deliveries for my favorite gals in Colorado. So they really need these. 

Red Scarf:
First is up is a super fluffy, super warm red swirly scarf for my kooky Aunt Rachel. It's a bit like a feather boa made out of yarn. It took more yarn than I originally anticipated but in the end, it turned out just the way I imagined. 
I also swayed from my usual yarn for a more earthy red mix. "Country Loom" by Loops & Threads in Hollyhock. 

Bonus! This scarf matches the headband I gave to her for Christmas!

Blue Scarf:
The pattern for the next scarf is a bit simpler, because the yarn is so pretty it shows off itself. It's for my cousin Trina who snowboards, so my goal was sporty but feminine, and this pattern/yarn combo hit the nail right on the head, don't you think? This yarn is "It's a Wrap" by Sensations in turquoise. 

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