Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flower Pillow = Flowers Squared

Normally, i'm against using other people's patterns, but browsing the crochet section of a book store recently, I found a book of patterns intriguing enough to actually purchase. 

200 Crochet Blocks is just that. 200 patterns for squares that are mix & matchable. I've been toying with making an afghan or three, so it's a great book for inspiration and ideas.  
Designing an afghan however, is a much bigger project that one might imagine. So to get a little bit of use out of the book right away, I decided to cover a pillow I already had.

The back is 4 plain granny squares, and I used a flower I found in the book for the squares on front. But true to form, I had to tweak the pattern before i was satisfied, so not even this is anything  you could find in the book. I just refuse to make anything that isn't just the way I want it. 

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