Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! Welcome to 2012.

At the moment it feels exactly like 2011, except it has 365 more days of potential. 365 because it's leap year and there are a total of 366 days this year. Fun fact. 

Along with the new year comes my (hopefully) regular updates to this blog. My goal is to put something new up at least one a week, but I'll be posting a bit more often until I get all my Christmas crafting up here.

First up is  a crocheted penguin hat I made for my brother. Simplicity at its best, it's my own design (as are the majority of my crafty creations) and made 100% of my favorite brand of yarn, Caron Simply Soft. 

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  1. Super are quite talented! Can not wait to see more.