Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby it's Cold Outside

Even though Christmas this year was more green than white, this winter is still supposed to be really bad. I'm honestly a bit afraid of what February is going to be like.
So whether we get the snow storm of the century, or just the "usual" bitter Michigan winter, my friends and family cannot blame me if their necks are cold. I crocheted 10 scarves this season as gifts, and one more for myself this past week. 

The scarf to the left is the one I made for myself. This one, the two shown below, and the one scarf not shown are all basically the same shell pattern. Using the right size hook creates a very pretty lacy effect, without loosing too much warmth. I always make sure my scarves are long enough to wrap all the way around the neck at least once with decent "tails." I did however, make my purple one a bit longer because I like a lot of scarf (and I had more time after the holidays).

I made two scarves for my mom this year (below). The scarf to the left is made from very chunky yarn that she picked out, and I had to go out and buy a special hook. I used the same shell pattern but with fewer across. Even with the bigger hook, it still ended up a very warm and chunky scarf. Great for blizzard conditions. 

The scarf on the right is made with fuzzy angel hair yarn that isn't the easiest to deal with, so I used the giant hook for funsies. It's entirely single crochets, but the giant hook gives it that lacy-ness. It is also very long and can be wrapped around multiple times for warmth.

The next 3 scarves were made similarly as well. Instead of starting at the short end, and crocheting until the scarf is long enough, with these I started with the long end. This technique makes vertical stripes very easy, and the shorter ends tend to be more uniform. The blue and black scarf is very long and warm (for my brother), and has a tighter gauge to help make it more masculine. 

Arianna & Haleigh modeling their new scarves.

The final scarf of the Christmas season was more simple. Brown to match a hat I previously made for my friend Josh, it's entirely front loop only half-double crochets. The front loop only creates a bit of a striped look within the stitches, and half-doubles are a bit warmer than other stitches. 

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